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Food Security and Livelihood

This is to help the ordinary farmers to earn their livelihood, produce enough food to feed their families, avoid malnutrition and sell some for income, Sensitize the community to grow cash crops for income and future earnings. Farmers training for maximal use of the land and soil conservation; hunger and malnutrition relief; building cooperatives; animal husbandry, crop growth.

South Sudan has agricultural potential, but due to challenges in her infrastructure and lack of technology, growing enough food to feed everyone in the young nation has never been easy. More still, although Western Equatoria State (Yambio) is a bread basket for the whole nation, the farmers lack the technical capacity for increased crop production. Otherwise, they are all at the level of subsistent farming, producing mainly for their individual household’s consumptions with a very small percentage for the market.


The integrated food security phase classification (IPC) released in 2019 (Juba) by the government of South Sudan in collaboration with FAO, UNICEF & WFP indicated that the number of people who are food insecure had already increased by 13 per cent the previous year (2018) being driven by cumulative effects of conflict, insufficient food production and associated population displacement. Thus the local cereal production in 2019 would only supply 52% of the Country’s cereal needs.

With the relative peace in Western Equatoria State combined with the fertile soil in the region, Yambio will bear realistic success in the agriculture sector.


Community Skills Development (CSD) currently executes;


  • Empowerment of 103 female headed households for their livelihoods through cash crops and vegetable growth - aimed at increasing food security, empowering vulnerable women & men for their livelihoods
  • Community empowerment through agriculture good practices- offering extension services
  • Cash for Asset Programs, aimed at supporting vulnerable communities for their livelihood in agriculture
  • VSLAs formation groups and trainings (Village saving and Loan Associations)


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