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Health & Risk Communication

Since inception Community Skills Development (CSD), has undertaken community engagement and participation, local skills development as an instrument of community empowerment, women emancipation and development; this has led to the organization considering valuable energy on working with partners (local community, women and youths’ groups, NGOs, government stakeholders, etc.) in the protection, and health and livelihood development. Much of the work that the organization has done revolves around risk communication, community mobilization, community outreach sensitization, awareness and developing sustainable skills targeting majorly women and youth in the community. CSD emphasizes local capacity building through vocational and sustainable livelihoods trainings, and community engagement as effective modalities in delivering interventions in South Sudan.

CSD’s work has highly contributed to raising awareness on the outbreak COVID-19 and the risk communication on the prevention of EBOLA and the five-killer disease. CSD conducts community outreach, and sensitization in Western Equatoria State.

CSD has good working relationship and collaboration with the relevant government institutions, organized community groups (women and youths’ groups, local farmers), and international humanitarian partners (UN agencies, INGOs, NGOs and CBOs) in WES.

Although Radio is the main source of news and information for people of South Sudan, still much of the rural population lives in remote villages beyond the reach of FM and Medium Wave broadcasts. Great majority of the population cannot afford the purchase of radios and the related power supplies. The research findings put radio listenership at 57%. Therefore, Community mobilization will target areas where there is no or limited radio coverage and/or where access to radio is limited

The key object in the health sector is to contribute to good health and wellbeing and access to universal quality health services, raising awareness on deadly diseases like Coronavirus and Ebola, contributing to access of quality sexual and reproductive health/HIV services

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