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Project title: Empower 103 households for their livelihoods


Solicitant’s NameCommunity Skills Development
Project summary

The community skills development organization, a national organization of South Sudan located in Yambio plans some strategies to support single mothers in Yambio.

The total number of our target population is 17,000 Households in Gbudwe state. Community Skill Development was established in the year 2008 by a volunteer group headed by Father Ignatius Mborihenga. CSD is a national organization registered by South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation commission.

The community of Yambio County, Western Equatoria state of South Sudan, suffers the highest level of poverty. A population of 152,257 by 2008 census result with 38% of the population living below poverty line (Statistics, 2012).

The community skills development organization plans to support 30 women to do farming to save their families from starvation, malnourishment and help raise funds for medication, school fees and basic needs.

Community skills development will also help 20 single mothers to learn tailoring and hair dressing as a mean to start small businesses for their livelihoods.

These three projects are targeting single mothers in Yambio County in Western Equatoria State, South Sudan.

Requested funding amountUS$ 76,650
Donation option• $25 will provide 5 gallons of maize or ground nuts seeds for 2 families of single mothers who go farming for survival
• $35 will provide assorted chemical of hair treatment, hair food for 3 women doing hair dressing for business orientation
• $50 will provide 2 hoes; agricultural tools for 2 families of single mothers doing farming for their livelihoods
• $75 will provide 17 liters of fuel for irrigating a plot of vegetable garden owned by 3 women families
• $100 will provide assorted knitting materials and repair machines for 4 women tailoring
What is the issue, problem or challenge

Poverty is the challenge.The community of Yambio County of Western Equatoria State, South Sudan depends heavily on agriculture, yet they practice shifting cultivation using rudimentary tools for subsistent purposes. There is acute hunger and children are malnourished. It is not easy for Yambio people to come out of this bad situation. The community depends on an insufficient seasonal rainfall and cannot grow crops for most part of the year.

The civil wars in South Sudan that began since 1982 till 2005 with a comprehensive peace agreement and again resumed in 2013 till date have killed thousands of educated men, others are left uneducated and many orphans and single mothers. The community members who did not run to any refugee camp are living around in Yambio and have a relative peace.

Yambio County will ever remain poor since; illiteracy rate is 70%, wages and salaries are received by only 6% of the population, infant mortality rate is very high 151 per 1,000 in Western Equatoria, and crop farming 90%, life expectance is 54.64. Yambio town has a population of 152,257 by 2008 census and 38% of the population live below poverty line (Aruai, 2010).

This project is to help 30 single mothers to do farming to feed their children and sale part of the produce as to meet other basic needs (medication, school fees, clothing)

The project will also support other group of 20 women to do tailoring as a way of building their capacities for business. These women once trained will own sawing machines and raise money for their livelihood and that of their families

Lastly, this project will help another group of 20 women to acquire skills in hair dressing. Once trained, some of these women will work in groups and open up saloon and earn their livings from those business

How will this project solve the problem

1. This project is to help 30 single mothers to do farming:

• The project will hire an agriculture extension worker for 6 months to train the women on vegetable gardening for sales purpose
• Purchase vegetable seeds; tomatoes, Carrots, egg plants, cabbages
• Purchase for them ground nuts and maize seeds for plantation
• Purchase irrigation machines to help them plant throughout the year
• Transport the vegetable seeds from Uganda to Yambio, transport g/nuts and maize seeds from local markets to the beneficiaries

2. The second project will support other group of 20 women to do tailoring as a way of building their capacities for business.
• Hire a professional in tailoring to train women in tailoring for 3 months
• Transport the trainer from Uganda to South Sudan and back, accommodate and feed for 3 months
• Purchase knitting materials for the tailoring group for practice • Purchase spare parts of the sawing machines and do regular servicing

3. Lastly, this project will help another group of 20 women in hair dressing
• Hire a professional to train these 20 women in different hair dressings for a period of 3 months
• Transport the trainer from Uganda to South Sudan and back, accommodate and feed for 3 months
• Purchase the needed chemicals for treatment, sample weaves, plaits, shampoo, relaxer, hair food etc.

Potential long term impact

These projects will educate 70 women households allowing them to rise out of poverty, which will provide for their families’ livelihood, health, school fees and general well-being.

The projects will provide irrigation machines to enable women farmers to grow crops throughout the year.
Provide seeds of different kind to these women farmers (single mothers), giving them a good starter.
Instill in them knowledge on modern crop plantation for sale purposes

Project will also instill knowledge of tailoring and hair dressing for business purposes to single mothers. Orient them to business for them to earn living. These women will not suffer total illiteracy and idleness. Children and women die of hunger when they could support themselves.

This is a radical approach targeting women, engaging them for their livelihoods. Men could learn from women and the community is empowered faster than ever.

Project messageSupport women to support themselves and their poor children
KeywordsSupport women to support themselves and their poor children

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